Alternative Last-Minute Ways to Spend New Year’s Eve

Sequins, stilettos, and someone to kiss at midnight are the requirements for a picture perfect New Year’s Eve. At least, that’s what we’re made to believe.

Yet over 1,000,000 Americans spend their New Year’s Eve doing the complete opposite. I’m talking about the people who get bundled up in their warmest winter clothes to spend their night in NYC’s Times Square. Just imagine how many other people are celebrating the new year alternatively too. (I could’ve pulled the numbers on this, but didn’t. I’m sure you can Google it.)

So, don’t suffer from FOMO because of a semi-fictional stereotype. I’m not knocking the status quo, I love a good party. But, there are reasons you might want to celebrate the holiday a bit differently. Maybe your heart needs something more soothing this year. Maybe your friends aren’t throwing a party. Maybe you don’t have the money for a wild night out. Maybe you just want to try something new. Whatever the reason is… Here is your permission to celebrate the holidays however you want.

This list isn’t limited. It should be adapted and used as inspiration. However you choose to celebrate New Year’s Eve is totally up to you. In the end, I just hope come the New Year you feel loved, lively, and hopeful for what 2019 will bring you. Enjoy this little list of alternative ways to spend New Year’s Eve.

1. Celebrate Health
There’s nothing wrong with one night of apps, snacks, and alcohol. But, some people who lead an active lifestyle abstain from all of that completely. Sound like you? Stay fit this NYE! Find out about local 5k’s being held the night before New Year’s Day (Yes, that’s a thing!). Even some athletic clubs, like The Warhouse Gym in Reading, host parties for people who want to ring in the new year with a new PR. Don’t hold back from rallying up your #fitfam for a fun night of healthy living.

2. Celebrate Rest
 Truthfully, you could just go to bed. Or you could take one step further and throw a pajama party. Maybe you and your people are just so exhausted to throw a real party on New Year’s Eve. Tell everyone to get in their most comfortable pajamas and head over for a night of chilling hard (and laughing harder when you see what some people sleep in). Make it a selfcare night while you’re at it.  It’ll be a night everyone will remember and thank you for, because sometimes #adulting is admitting you’re never too old for a sleepover.

3. Celebrate Goals
 Everyone has a resolution or two for the new year. Let’s turn it up a notch. Take a page out of Hannah Brencher’s book Come Matter Here by hosting a vision board get together with your most motivating friends. You just need paper, magazines, modge podge, and pens or markers (no pencils because our goals will be permanent this year, you hear me?). Then spend the night envisioning, promising, and crafting your goals with people who will make you stay true to your word all year round. 

4. Celebrate Gratitude
 December is a hella hectic month. Very few people get the opportunity to sit down and relax let alone take a moment to be grateful for everything around them. (No shame!) Use your extended weekend to relax and remember all the good that happened during 2018. Spend your night writing thoughtful thank you cards (okay… or texts) to the people who helped make this holiday (or entire year) memorable. Coming into 2019 with a grateful heart will be a total game changer. Plus, you probably forgot to send Christmas cards out and this will be your way of making up for it. Ya welcome.  

5. Celebrate Family 
We all have someone in our family that’s super laid back and would love some company to curl up with while watching the ball drop on TV. So, retreat to your relative’s! If you’re actually the most low key one in your fam, offer to babysit. That’ll give you the opportunity to celebrate in the most old school way: Banging  pots and pans at midnight with the kiddies! Giving the little ones in your family special NYE memories will help them grow up valuing family time during the holidays. Maybe they’ll even follow in your footsteps.

If you’re doing something against the grain for New Year’s Eve, I’d love to hear about it. Reach out to let me know so I can gather new ideas for next year or even try them out myself. Cheers!

4 thoughts on “Alternative Last-Minute Ways to Spend New Year’s Eve

  1. This post is awesome! I spent my New Year’s last year with the flu so I am SO EXCITED for this New Years, but not sure what I want to do yet!! These ideas are spot on. I love the thought of writing notes to everyone who helped me through this year. Great post!! ❤


  2. Some really great ideas here! I hate waking up on new year’s day hungover and tired – it’s not a good start to what should be a fresh start! We usually have a pyjama party in our front room with snacks and TV. Much better than braving crowds of strangers. I think I’m going to throw some gratitude in this year too, that’s a really nice idea and will definitely start the new year in the right way!


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