“Cultivating a life that feeds our souls
will allow hope to bloom in our hearts.”

I can’t tell you when it happened, but at some point my life began to slowly unfold into this an ongoing wellness adventure. I started learning how to take care of myself and enjoy myself all at once—because you can do both. You can relish in life while trying to be better.  It’s not this rigid thing people make it out to be. It’s actually innocently intoxicating. That’s what I want to show you. 

What I know for sure is that it started when I finally admitted I was exhausted of self induced anxiety and unhappiness. I scoured the internet, stockpiled books, sought out medical advice, and leaned on people who seemed fulfilled. Eventually, I learned how to spend my time differently. Once that happened, change came rapidly. Hope followed. 

And if I’m being honest, I don’t know if I ever experienced true hope before all this. I don’t mean the kind of hope you have for winning the lottery. I mean the kind of overarching hope that can occupy our hearts no matter life’s  disappointments. A stable, enduring kind of hope. I didn’t know that was a thing? Maybe you don’t either. 

True hope, I’ve found, is this sense of security knowing that nothing is working against us, but for us. Everything is always working for a greater good despite the bad. When that good will come, we’ll never know for sure. Still, I truly believe there is always goodness on the horizon for my life and I hope that you can eventually believe that for yours, too. 

An important note I want you to know is that hope is not about being naive. It’s not being blind to the trials of life. It’s knowing that even amidst our difficulties there is purpose, learning, and even eventually if we allow it, peace. 

You can have hope while being filled with worry.
You can have hope while allowing yourself to cry.
You can have hope and still know you will struggle. 
Because there will always be a lot of those things.

You can also not have hope in this moment,
and that’s okay too, but I hope you find it’s not impossible.  

These stories are about how I personally find joy and meaning.
Everyone has the right to decide how to live and what to believe.
May my stories simply meet you where you are and give you something you just might need.

The Kate Care Guide

The Kate Care Guide is where I share a variety of my life experiences to help you live a life that feels well. The major themes you’ll see besides short stories are life hacks, self care, wellness, health, and personal perspectives. Hoping you feel inspired to believe you can live a life that doesn’t just look good, but feels good too.

The Fever Dream Series

The Fever Dreams Series is a series of short stories about the mesmerizing coincidences in my life. These significant moments have taken my breath away, altered my reality, and changed my life for the better. May my stories nudge you to look closer at your life and find hope within your very own happenstance moments.