Single on Valentine’s Day: 13 Tips & A Single Mom’s Story

Scroll down for the 13 tips to feel the love, even when you’re single, on Valentine’s Day.

My mom became a widow when I was six years old. She never really seriously dated after my dad passed away because raising her three little munchkins was her main priority. I look back now and imagine every holiday, not just the romantic ones, had to be difficult for her. She never let her babies know, though.

Every Valentine’s Day in our house was a special one because of my mom. She always said her three little girls were the loves of her life. So she used the holiday as a way to celebrate that. So, I never really grew up associating this day with boys and crushes. I woke up anticipating something a bit different.

“You girls are the loves of my life and I felt like that’s what I was celebrating.”

My mom on her daughters being her Valentines.

All the way up until I was in my early twenties, I’d wake up on Valentine’s Day to our dining room table covered in pastries, candies, and a little Valentine’s Day inspired gift. I know, we were spoiled. But because of it, no matter who gave me a Valentine’s card or candy at school, the highlight of the holiday was always what my mom did for us.

Starting one little tradition, for you or someone else, can let the love back into your life.

Even when you’re single on Valentine’s Day.

Even when I was in high school, you know the age where you start dating, my most memorable Valentine’s Day was one where my mom, my mommom, and I went out for a seafood dinner. It was one of my mommom’s first Valentine’s Day without my poppop, but the mood was anything but sad and that’s because we all had each other.  

You’ve been made to believe Valentine’s Day is only about romantic partnerships and it doesn’t have to be. I’ll admit I’m very lucky that I was raised to believe it’s a day about all forms of love, especially familial. I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe, if you try one of the tips below you can experience what that’s like.

Starting one little tradition, for you or someone else, can let the love back into you life even when you’re single on Valentine’s Day.  Here are just a few ways (but there are so many more) you can use Valentine’s Day as something more than just a day about romance.

Little ways to love on Valentine’s Day:

  1. Self Love: Hell, why not gift yourself something?! Be your own Valentine.
  2. Spread Love:  If you have the means, gift something thoughtful to someone in your life who isn’t a romantic partner. Maybe it’s your best friend, your mom, or your kids.
  3. Self Love: Let yourself sleep in for five extra minutes the morning of Valentine’s Day.
  4. Spread Love: Give your mom, friend, or a relative a call on the way to work. Let them know you love them. Especially if they’re single, too.
  5. Spread Love: Maybe make a pit stop on your commute to the office. Pick up some Valentine’s Day inspired donuts for your work crew.
  6. Self Love: Make or buy yourself your favorite morning pick me up like a specialty coffee, tea, or a breakfast sandwich.
  7. Spread Love: Pay it forward. If you stop for coffee or a quick breakfast, pay for the person in line behind you.
  8. Self Love: Give your closet some self love by cleaning it up of any winter clothes you haven’t and won’t wear for the rest of the winter. (Wait for why….)
  9. Spread Love: Donate the clothing to a Green Drop, Salvation Army, or to another nonprofit organization knowing that you’ll be warming someone else’s heart (and body).
  10. Spread Laughs: The week of Valentine’s Day, mail out funny or crude Valentine’s Day cards to your friends and family. No one will be expecting it.
  11. Self Love: Have a night all about you. Put on your comfiest pajamas, your favorite show or movie, throw on a facemask, and just relax.
  12. Spread Love: Join the movement for The World Needs More Love Letters.  Write love letters for those who are in need of a little pick me up. It’s such an incredible initiative.
  13. Self Love: Buy all the discounted Valentine’s candy the day after!

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