Closet Car: A List of Summer Necessities You Didn’t Know You Needed in Your Car

One month left of summer. No time to waste. Scroll down pass the intro to get the list.

I want to be the kind of person who jumps at the opportunity to make a memory. But, last minute invites always stress me out because I’m never prepared. I tend to feed into my anxiety and dish out excuses: I can’t just drop everything for a free concert, a trip to the park, or a drive to the shore because I don’t have all the the things. By the time I get home to plan, get changed, or pack… The spontaneity is gone.

We only have one more month of summer though. That makes me think we should try to eliminate our excuses while the sun is still warm and the days are still long.  As someone who actively holds herself back from living spontaneously, I’ve found supplying my car with some necessities inspires me to accept invitations to live a more fulfilling life. I hope this quirky list can help you pack your trunk up tonight so maybe after work tomorrow you can go to that happy hour, do that hike, or hit that town. Hope you have a roomy trunk. Enjoy. (Psssst. Most of these recommendations are gender biased. Sorry, guys.)

1. Duffel Bag
Keeping a duffel bag in your car isn’t just good for last minute invites you normally wouldn’t be prepared for. Keeping a bag of spare items in you car can be a lifesaver when you stain or damage your clothing, didn’t check the weather, or in times of an emergency. Here are a few ideas of what to keep stashed:

  • Athletic wear: Leggings or shorts, a loose shirt, baseball cap, running shoes, sports bra, and a pair of socks (I always forget socks).
  • Comfy clothes: I always keep a hoodie, sweatpants, an over sized t-shirt, and a pair of cotton shorts in my bag in case I end up sleeping out. 
  • Nice clothes: I always keep one or two outfits that could be used for dual purposes. Something I can wear at work but could go out for a night wearing.
  • A bathing suit because summer
  • A change of undergarments
  • Spare flip flops
  • Towel
  • More socks

2. Small Personal Care Bag
I recommend putting this small bag into your duffel bag so all of your self care and clothing are easily traceable and organized together (and so you car doesn’t turn into a closet).  

  • Spare toothbrush
  • Travel size toothpaste
  • Face and body wipes
  • Bobby pins and hair ties
  • Deodorant (it might melt, sorry)
  • Baby powder as dry shampoo
    (I’d recommend regular dry shampoo but aerosol cans in extremely hot conditions can apparently explode and I don’t have that kind of liability insurance.)
  • Tweezers and a disposable razor
  • Body spray. (don’t keep your nice perform packed away.)

3. Outdoorsy Stuff
A small list of items if you’re the kind of person who wishes they could make more time for going to the park, going on a hike, or hitting the beach.

  • A blanket. Don’t even get me started on how useful this can be. Blankets are good for lunch break naps, to sit on outside, to wipe up spills, to hide your duffel bag so no one breaks into your car. The list is endless.
  • A miniature cooler. Because do you have any idea how many coolers I’ve had to buy because I didn’t just have a cooler in my car? A lot. I swear.  
  • A case of water. But, won’t it get hot? That’s why you need said cooler.
  • Bug Spray (not in an aerosol can because explosions)
  • A non perishable snack or two like crackers or granola bars or yourself
  • Sunscreen Lotion. Just eliminate the idea of thinking you can pack aerosol spray anything.
  • Spare Sunglasses. Don’t ever leave your favorite pair or brand of sunglasses out in the open in your car. You’d be surprised the crazy things people will do for a pair of Ray Bans.
  • Mini first aid kit. I actually used to keep mine in the glove compartment because it was so small and useful.
  • A beach read! Keep a few magazines or a good book in the pocket seat of your car in case you just want to pullover and relax somewhere.
  • Lighter
  • Another lighter
  • Umbrella (ella) (ella)

4. Going out things
A small list of items you could use in case you’re the going out type. Think happy hours, concerts, tailgates, parties, and more. I’d include these things in the duffel bag as well.

  • A very small bag of essential make up and applicators only (preferably drug store brands since this is only for backup purposes).
  • A clutch, cross body bag, or fanny pack so you don’t have to carry around everything that’s in your everyday bag.  
  • Spare pair of shoes that are equally comfortable but appropriate your typical going out scene.
  • Pedialyte. You’ll thank me later.
  • Cash money. Tip your bartender, kids.
  • Spare cups. Maybe pong balls, too.
  • Honestly, just pack corn hole while you’re at it.

5. General Car Things
These are things that honestly you should already have in your car.

  • A can of Red Bull. Always.
  • Spare change for tolls
  • Phone car charger.
  • Aux cord.
  • Roadside Emergency Kit. This is a real mature move, but one of friends actually needed one this weekend so I can’t not recommend it.

6. Am I missing something?
Comment below to let me know the random sh*t you keep in your car on a regular basis! I still have room in my trunk so I’m open all ideas. Oh and let me know if you enjoyed this. Share, like, comment, or something.


One thought on “Closet Car: A List of Summer Necessities You Didn’t Know You Needed in Your Car

  1. While traveling this summer I carried many of these items on your list. The definite essential is a cooler and er kit not only for the car but for people. You never know when you will need either one. Always be prepared. For me a Dunkin Donuts coffee replaces the Red Bull especially since Red Bull really makes the heart race. I also carried a blanket everywhere. I used it when I got cold in the car. Lol This article was great! There are some things I’m adding to my car for future trips.


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