How to Style Plaid Pants

I was skeptical when the plaid pant look from the 80’s (or something like that) started trending. I thought to myself, “Yeah, no. Hopefully this will pass. Let’s just ignore it.”

Didn’t happen. Every clothing store I shopped in, I’d stumble upon a pair. I finally caved, falling in love with a super high waist pair of plaid pants that have a cute friggin belted bow from Express. Yah, the bow sold me.

By now, I’ve collected a few pairs of plaid and gingham pants. The purchases were primarily for work, but below I’ve showed you a few other ways to style them for any occasion.

Office Approved

That bow though!

Learn how to style plaid pants for work.  All you need is your average work blouse or camisole. Tuck them into the pants to show off the bow tie and boom that’s all. No seriously. It’s that easy.  My office is always freezing so I threw on a matching cardigan, too. The choice of shoe is up to you, here (not shown) I wore flats but a pair of ankle boots or heels can work just as well.

Street Style

For the cool kids.

I don’t typically dress this edgy. Although this might not be my look, it’s definitely a look. Steal one of your guy’s punk-esque graphic tees if you don’t have one yourself. Again, tuck the shirt in like you’re going into work. Maybe even give it a sleeve roll. A pair of Vans, Converse, or Adidas will finish the vibe. So postmodern. Very cool. Glasses optional unless blind.

Comfy and Cozy

For the sweater weather lover.

Now this is what I live for. I can feel confident wearing anything if it pairs well with a super soft sweater. I chose a sweater that matched the colors within the plaid pattern. This is the one style that I’ll you don’t have to tuck in the shirt. If you still want to show off the bow (like me), do a half tuck.

Basic: A Safe Bet

For those who want to keep it simple.

If you’re still warming up to wearing plaid pants, go for a very simple look. A plain bodysuit or slim fitting shirt that complements the pants well is all you need. Depending on your own personal style either wear a pair of ankle boots, slides, or casual sneakers. In the end, it’s pretty much all about what makes you comfortable.

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