8 Super Bowl Outfits for the Eagles Fangirl

So, an update: The Eagles won the Super Bowl and I cannot stop crying happy tears!

An estimated 8 million fans are supposed to be flocking to the City of Brotherly Love to celebrate the Eagles at the parade. Meaning, there are a lot of people who aren’t Philly natives, trying to coordinate and pack their best Eagles inspired outfit for the big day.

Don’t know what you’re going to wear? Buying an Eagles shirt off of a guy on the street is definitely a Philly tradition, but maybe that’s not your thing.

You don’t need to have a brand new Foles jersey, buy a shirt from a sketchy intersection, nor invest a ton of money into an outfit just to rep the birds.  Whether you’re stocked up on Eagles gear, just own an Eagles beanie, or only have one green item in your closet, I’ve styled a variety of looksin the name of brotherly lovefor the girls coming near and far to celebrate this city and our beloved football team. Below find a few outfit options you can copy to stand out from the crowd during the Super Bowl Parade!

Editor’s Note: This article was first written and published about outfit options for Super Bowl Sunday. Nonetheless, the outfits are just as perfect for the parade!

  1. Varsity Sweater with a Green Flannel and Eagles CapIMG-8872.JPGn What’s important for this outfit is the flannel should include more Eagle’s green within it, and the cap will accentuate and bring out those colors.  Depending on how you style this look, it could be equally preppy as it is edgy. For a hipster look, add a lace bralette, have the shirt unbuttoned enough to slyly show the bralette,  add a choker if that’s your thing, and keep the Vans. For a prettier preppy look, switch out the fans for a pair of Sperry’s (scroll down for my favorite pair), roll the sleeves of the sweater and flannel, button the flannel all the way up, and tuck in the shirt to your jeans.
  2. Classy and Comfy with an Oversized Sweater, Dressy Leggings, and Mules

Jerseys and graphic tees aren’t your thing, I get it. Plus, you’re staying in for the night anyway, right? Let’s get comfy, girl. Grab an oversized sweater that’s Eagles green—I’ve had this Valerie Stevens forever and am obsessed with the tassels at the bottom—and get ready to lounge. If you’re having company over, dress it up with statement leggings like these which have gold zippers at the bottom. Sliding into a pair of mules makes you look relaxed but classy af. I’d personally throw some beach waves in my hair and throw on an Eagles cap.

3. Dress Up Your Boyf’s Jersey with Dressy Leggings and MulesIMG-8906.JPGOkay, so jerseys are your thing, but you’re staying in for the night (Can’t take off Monday? Ugh same). You’re having mixed company, half are the cocktail drinking type and the others are slamming beers. Weird.  How can you get away being comfy but still classy? This is a win-win because not only do you get to dress it up with statement leggings and mules, but it’s just as comfortable as the sweatpants you’d much rather be wearing.

4. Rough and Rowdy in Old Vans, Ripped Jeans, and a Graphic TankIMG-8879.JPG
You’re the girl who will be shouting just as loud as the boys at the bar when the birds make a touchdown. Grab yourself a beer, and throw on your go-to jeans and your oldest Vans (because the older and dirtier the better). Make it feminine with a fitted Eagles tank. If you only have graphic tees, tie it in a knot or tuck it into your jeans. Going to be cold where you are? Throw on a leather jacket to finish the look. Dilly dilly!

5. Belt it and Blouse It with a Comfy Cardigan and Tennis ShoesIMG-8855.JPGI actually wore this to work for an eagles party this week. It’s casual, but the blouse dresses it up which made it great for the office. Yes, I even got away with tying it all together with a matching Eagles cap. I have a keen eye for details so, not only did the Sperry’s match the cardigan… But, the brown belt was used to match the leather laces on the gray Sperry’s. Call me crazy. The blouse and Sperry’s might seem preppy, but it felt sporty too when I added the cap.

6. Let Loose with a Lacey Bralette 

IMG-8890.JPGYou don’t want to wear all green. For whatever reason, you think you’ll look like Shrek (Note: You definitely won’t). Long story short, you’re more comfortable in all black. Whether it’s more slimming or it’s because it’s all you own, you’re call is to wear all black. Well, guess what? I don’t advise you leave the house without the smallest hint of green on you. Try a green bralette and have it peek-a-boo by showing it off in a black v-neck. Plain tee’s aren’t boring when you add super high waisted denim like this look. Also, I’m just always going to recommend a baseball cap because that’s my thing.

7. Watching the Game After You Hit the Gym?IMG-8893.JPG

Let me preface this with, you’re probably the type that drinks Michelob Ultra, not Bud Light. If you’re a real fan you know the whole city is emotionally invested in Bud Light handing out free beer as a prize for the Eagles winning it all. Didn’t know that? To the pit of misery. Dilly dilly! But on a more serious note, if you’re keeping it cool and athletic on Sunday at least wear an eagle shirt or hat. Throw on a cardigan for after the gym that matches your running shoes.

8.  Keep it Simple with a Jersey and JeansIMG-8913.JPGGrab your high waisted jeans, your favorite pair of going-out boots, and your favorite player’s jersey. This look is so simple but it’s an outfit you can get away with no matter where you’re watching the game. Going to your friend’s house? Wear this. Going to a bar? Wear this and touch up your hair and makeup.  Tailgating or even attending the game (First of all. Wow you’re like, a real fan huh)? Throw this outfit on with a winter coat and eagles scarf and beanie. Heading to Frankford and Cottman when they win? Pack beers. See you there.


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