Pearly Whites for a Saturday Night

I’m currently living on the Main Line, home of many mini shopping districts, a few historic land marks, and a lot of luxury. I can drive ten minutes up or down Lancaster Avenue and find an adorable town with boutique shops, cafes, and restaurants. Exploring what this luxurious area has to offer has become one of my favorite weekend activities.

This particular weekend my boyfriend and I were perusing Wayne. We found ourselves at one of new favorite coffee shops, Gryphon Cafe, sipping exceptional dark roast coffee, splitting a chicken sandwich on a fresh baguette, while old Irish music played in the background. We later visited a high end furniture consignment shop, The Velvet  Shoestring, where I stumbled upon an incredible wicker basket to hold shoes in the entry way of our apartment. I can’t wait to write more about how I’ve decorated our little home of ours. Stay tuned for that.

My outfit was perfect for a relaxing Saturday strolling through Wayne. This girlfriend tee is embellished in pearls and it’s just so pretty to me. I had been eyeing down a pearly white tee for months waiting for a sale (I’m sorry, but I refuse to pay a lot of money for what’s practically a plain white tee). When the shirt finally went on sale at Express, it sold out so fast that I actually had to purchase a dupe from H&M. I’m just as obsessed with this dupe and I got it for under $10 so that’s a win. The cross over cardigan is so cuddly I would actually sleep in it. This was also on sale at Express, and I was able to snatch one up thankfully. The ankle boots and jeans are a part of my everyday staples and have been linked in previous posts. But, since you’re here I’ll save you the time and link them again below. Gotchu, girl.

Shirt: Embellished Pearl T Shirt | Cardigan: Gray Wrap Sweater | Shoes: Black Booties | Jeans: Low Rise Jeggings



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