Nudes and Grays for a Winter Day

I’m big on stocking up on basics that never go out of style. Most of this outfit is just that. I’ve had some of these items for such a long time that there aren’t exact links to them. Both my wool beanie and nude crossbody bag are from a trip I took to Ireland years ago. They were bought from boutique shops I can’t even recall the name of.  Then there’s my down winter coat that I adore that’s been discontinued. Luckily I was able to find my sweater, I actually got it from the men’s section at Bass for a comfy oversized fit. It’s one of my secrets to shopping cheap, comfy sweaters sometimes. I’ve done some digging to find replicas of  the all the outfit parts below.

Ripped Jeans: American Eagle | Gray Sweater: G. H. Bass | Taupe Down Coat: Nordstrom and Bloomingsdale | Gray Beanie: Amazon, Nordstrom, and Spectre & Co. |Crossbody: Forever 21 and Nordstrom | Booties: Forever 21 and TJ Maxx




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